Matt Siber

Matt Siber is a gallery artist who works in photography, digital imaging, video, sculpture an installation. He has several of his works in various museums. One of his most famous works is his floating logos series. He removed the structure that keeps the logo up in the air, and they were just ‘floating.’ In an interview with bombmagazine, he said that disconnecting the logos from the ground “gives them a power higher than us.”  Though I am not sure if this was his idea and what he was trying to achieve, but what I got from it was that the … Continue reading Matt Siber

Nam June Paik

Nam June Paik is a well celebrated artist who is more commonly referred to as the ‘father of video art.’ Paik was part of the Neo-Dada movement which was later referred to as the the fluxes. Paik later started trying to combine video, music, and performance into his art so he started working with cellist Charlotte Moorman. One of the most famous pieces from their work together is TV cello. When Moorman moved the bow across, images of her and other cellists would appear on the screen playing cello. This was the first piece that really brought art to life using video art. … Continue reading Nam June Paik

Art is cool… I guess

Digital art to me, is a way for the creative mind to be able to create something that goes beyond a blank canvas. Digital art gives those who want to create images a space that they can unleash without having to worry about whether or not they are a good artist on hand. I think with the increase of technology; the future of digital art will only grow. With Facebook and Tumblr, Digital art is reaching audiences more so than ever. People on Tumblr are learning how to make Gifs and others are sharing their work and getting recognized I … Continue reading Art is cool… I guess