Final breakdown

Hour 1-2

The first 2 hours were spent just planning. I first wanted to figure out if I could actually rotoscope. So I borrowed my friends tablet, and my friends knowledge. Found a random gif online and set to work trying to trace over it. The gif I happened to choose was someone falling down so I thought it would be kind of cool to do my own animation of someone falling down. I quickly realized no matter how much I tried, I couldn’t figure out how to trace the face and make it look nice.

So for the final, I decided to make a gif of someone falling down and then trace over it and color it in.

Hour 3

I choose my roommate to be my model. At first we were about to take the pictures indoors, but then I decided to move it outside to the patio cause the clouds looked nice. We had to retake the photos twice because the first time I missed half her body (good job maria)

IMG_1453 IMG_1465

Hour 4

Once I had all my pictures, I loaded them all to bridge, and then photoshop and made it into a gif.

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 3.57.34 PM

Hour 5

Once I had a gif, with 36 frames. I spent 30 minutes trying to pick out the frames that were not needed, and delete them and then another 15 minutes renaming all the frames. 10 minutes putting them into a group and getting it all right. Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 3.57.53 PM

Hour 6-7

I really didn’t like hour 6 and 7. I had my gif all ready to be traced, and I had gotten the Bamboo box out and set it all up. Thats when i realized I didn’t actually know how to use it. I knew how to set up my friends tablet, but I didn’t know how to set this one up. (mind you all you have to do is plug it in, open photoshop and start drawing) I thought you had to install it on the computer and its just all embarrassing stuff. literally 2 hours later, I finally figured it out. We shall never speak of hour 6 and 7 ever again

Hour 8

K how does one actually start rotoscoping? 30 minutes of hour 8 was spent looking at tutorials. Another 30 minutes was attempting to implement what the tutorials taught me.

Hour 9
By hour 9, I had finally figured out on which layer to draw on and it just got a lot less complicated. I organized the layers again so that it made it easier.

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 7.40.41 PM

Hour 10-12:

Who knew, we finally get to the tracing. Tracing actually was rather calming. Really tedious, but not as hard as I thought it would be. Once I got the first frame down, it ended up taking each frame about 10 minutes to do (I actually timed myself.) I had to redo a couple frames though.. oops.

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 9.55.50 PM

Hour 13:

With all my frames drawn, I started coloring them in. I didn’t know if i wanted to have a pattern with the colors but i know i wanted the jean cuffs to be a different color then the rest of it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 2.23.09 PM

Hour 14:

Click me, I am a gif

My gif was basically done, but it felt like it was missing something. While I did like the background, I felt like i needed to add something. So After 30 minutes of trying to find the right background, I decided on a runway. Another 15 minutes later of finding the right runway, I added it into my gif. The more I stared at it though, the more it felt like it needed a black background. So I put in a black background instead to see if it would make the colors pop out more. It did. But I still cant decide which I like more.

Hour 15:

The last hour was spent fixing the image size, and publishing it to the web with the right colors and everything. It took a lot longer than anticipated because it kept deleting some of my colors.

Bonus 15 minutes later:

I added patrick.

I too am a gif